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Want to create a podcast to improve your social proof? Sky rocket your brand? Become recognised internationally for your niche? Need your voice to be heard? Or simply just LOVE a podcast & wondered how to create a TOP ranking podcast?

Then this is the webinar for you!  



Meet Your Host  

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Sean Purcell-

Sean is an award winning author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and business coach.
He recently launched a business podcast that ranked #6 in the entrepreneurship charts and has been downloaded in 13 countries and featured in 2 International charts.
Sean is a prolific speaker & has a hugely positive stage presence. He works with companies and individuals to create unbelievable results, so much so he has been awarded 'Best Client Results in East Anglia.'

Expert Guest Star

James Burtt -

James Burtt is a multiple iTunes Top 50 Podcaster, a certified Performance Coach and in-demand Media Trainer. His love of radio and broadcast started 14 years ago when he ventured into the world of Broadcast PR which led to him working with some of the world's biggest household name brands and eventually led to him becoming a radio presenter. James is an international keynote speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Les Brown and Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards and - via his own shows - has interviewed the likes of global influencer Grant Cardone. James has launched and managed the development of a number of six figures businesses and now spends the majority of time running his new start up which is a full service podcast production agency, the Ultimate Podcast Group.
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3 points you will discover during this webinar:

How BIG is the opportunity with a launched podcast? 


Get to know the essential equipment and software to get you started  



HOW to reach a global audience from  Day 1




Head over to the podcast and find out why it was selected by Apple Podcasts as one of the top 2o business shows!